The time to rel…

The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.

Sydney J. Harris

Today is a great day to make time.

Happy Labor Day!


Hurry Up and Slow Down

I like to talk a lot about food and it sure is an important piece of our wellness puzzle but there are many other aspects to a healthy life. One of them is the pace at which we live.  Just like God created day and night, our bodies were designed to be active and then rest. We are great at the active busy part but resting is just as important to our well being. It is not a luxury to slow down, its a necessity. Our good health depends on it.

When we go go GO we put ourselves at risk for many health complications including adrenal fatigue. That’s pretty significant since our adrenals are important to almost every function in our body. If we are stressed out they are stressed out, and we can experience things like chronic illness, depression, and fatigue. by Stuart Miles by Stuart Miles

Ok, so we need to slow down to be healthy. But what if I told you that slowing down could actually help you lose weight? When we are in a constant state of stress our system goes haywire and causes excess fat to be stored. The door is then open for obesity and diabetes to set in. This is not what we were looking for in our fast paced lifestyle.

Slowing down has got to be made a priority. If we don’t have time to care for ourselves then we will spend time to be sick, overweight, and unproductive. Sometimes just the thought of slowing down causes us to “stress out” though, so let’s explore some simple ways to do it. Even trying just one of these strategies can improve your health, so let’s give it a whirl.

Tips to slow down

1. Take a deep breath. You can do this whenever and wherever you are, and its free. In fact you can do it right now. Stop, close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths. Breathe in to full capacity and hold it for a few seconds. Now use your stomach muscles to push it all out. I bet you feel better already.

2. Trade a high intensity work out for gentle walking and stretching. Exercise is important to good health but it can be overdone. Going from a stressed out day to a stressed out workout puts the body in overload. You don’t have to give up zumba or kick boxing but put some balance in your movement routine for optimal health benefits. by zirconicusso by zirconicusso

3. Just say no. Give yourself permission to say no. Your time is precious and there is a never ending list of places and people that want it. You don’t have to be on every committee to make a difference. Pick one or two you really enjoy and skip the rest.

4. Cook a meal from scratch. Slow cooked food is a treat, tastes better, and has a whole different level of appeal.  Just the act of slowing down around your food makes in impact, no matter what you are eating. If this is a new concept try putting it on your schedule like you would a hair appointment or game of golf. by Stuart Miles by Stuart Miles

Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to slow down and look out for your own health.  For further support around a healthy lifestyle check out my Events Page or contact me at

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Bring on the Oaties

Do you have any favorite child memories dealing with food? One of mine is having oatmeal with my grandpa. Grandma was a spectacular cook and was a big influence on me liking to spend so much time in the kitchen, but this story is about Grandpa’s Oaties. That was a real treat, not only because of the food but because of the time with Grandpa. He would cook it up and then ask us each individually if we wanted raisins, honey, butter, and milk. I always wanted it all, mostly because of the way he added it. One of those things kids love where he would put in one raisin and then start asking if that was enough. It was quite a game and impressed upon me that even ordinary activities like eating oatmeal can be turned into a cherished memory.

Today I still eat oatmeal. It has so many health benefits including being a good source of fiber and protein which helps keep me full all morning long. There are several options like quick oats and steel cut. I prefer the old fashioned oats and try to soak them for an hour before cooking to aid digestion. If you opt for the instant watch the ingredient list for added sugars, real or fake, and artificial flavorings.

While raisins are still a favorite the possibilities of add ins are endless. Try adding chopped apple or pear during cooking or mash in a banana. Ground flax adds even more fiber and protein while cinnamon helps stabilize blood sugar levels. I enjoy a spoonful of all natural peanut butter, but you could also try walnuts.

Give it a try and make your own memory with oatmeal.


How Would You Dress This?

I am always learning and trying new things, especially when it comes to food.  I can cook up many delicious and healthy dishes but one area that needs a little work is homemade dressings. I have tried a few different times but haven’t yet mastered the ability to whip up a potion that is pleasing to the taste buds. The latest  blunder happened after my neighbor sent home this kale plant with my daughter.

Kale PlantWhile it was pretty cool to have that kind of gift I needed to find a way to use it.  The first thing I did was pull the leaves off and soak them in cold water. The sink was totally full.  After rinsing and soaking, I dried the leaves with a clean dishtowel and got out my biggest storage bowl. When washed and dried leafy greens will keep for several days in the fridge. I also had a cabbage and some carrots to use so thought a slaw salad was in order. It was a pretty combination. slawAfter shredding the veggies and adding some sunflower seeds for a protein punch it was time to dress this salad. This is where I fell short. I tried to make my own combination with balsamic vinegar and some spices.  I got comments like “interesting” “too spicy” “I don’t like it”. So this is where you come in. Can you help me out with a great idea to try? Leave me any suggestions in the comments below.

Just because this batch didn’t turn out quite right doesn’t mean I will give up. It’s just like any goal, whether its to lose weight or live a healthier lifestyle. It won’t always work the way we want it to on the first try. Sometimes a new approach or asking for support is what it takes to get back on track. It can be frustrating but its worth it to keep trying.  Just like one day I will be able to turn out spectacular dressings, you will reach your goal when you keep trying.

For further support around your health and wellness goals contact me here.

“Sometimes the …

“Sometimes the most urgent and vital thing you can do is take a complete rest” Ashleigh Brilliant

Kale Chips


It’s like falling in love all over again every time I make kale chips. These tasty tidbits were massaged with coconut oil and sprinkled with garlic salt. They only took about 15 minutes to bake at 375. The perfect solution for someone like me who finds it hard to leave the taterchips behind. What a great way to start the weekend! Crunch crunch crunch.

Frothy Afternoon Pick-Me-Up


Sometimes the afternoon can drag on and on. It’s a tempting time to turn to sugary or caffeinated treats to get us through. These may give short bursts of energy but often leave us feeling even worse and take a toll on our bodies. For more stable energy stick to real food like fruits and veggies. These can be eaten whole or blended in a smoothie. Besides the natural energizing boost you will gain the benefits of fiber, which will help keep you full until dinner.
This frothy delight was 1/2 bunch kale, 1 pear, 1cucumber, small chunk of peeled ginger, ice and water(about 2cups each). No blender at work? No problem. Its easy to make ahead and bring with you. You can freeze or store in the fridge. So next time that afternoon slump hits try a frothy treat to pull you through.

Rescue the Greens

After traveling recently I came home to a fridge full of greens that were past their prime. Even though they won’t be the star of a crisp salad they still have a lot of nourishment to offer. We are all wiped out from our trip and need an extra dose of healthy goodness. That is where a nice big pot of soup comes in. It’s super simple to toss everything in with some water, kombu, and of course garlic, turmeric and ginger. You can use whatever you have in the cabinet to add your own brand of seasoning. Bring to a boil and then simmer about 15 minutes. My immersion blender can make quick work of blending it all to a nice smooth texture. I am calling this “recovery soup” and can’t wait to share it with my family. Then we can indulge in a “recovery nap”!
It doesn’t take a lot of time, money, or know how to be real healthy. For further support contact me here
Soup’s on!


Life is an Adventure


I usually strive to keep my life in balance. I enjoy healthy eating, activities, and relationships. While this works out well, sometimes a little adventure is called for. Let me tell you I am one now! It started last night at with an amazing concert. I even got a picture with Rodrigo y Gabriela-and they signed my t-shirt! I was flying high, until we got back to the car and discovered it had been broken into. The laptop and some other possessions were missing.(good thing I can blog from my phone:) The elation quickly turned to aaaaack! We dealt with filing the report and even found a few of our things that had been dumped on a near by street. We drove straight from that experience to join family and friends as part of the support crew for a team in the MO 340-a paddling race from Kansas City across the state to St. Charles, Missouri. They are doing great but it is a round the clock job. So I haven’t really slept since yesterday and my clothes and personal items were taken but I am having a lot of fun with my nearest and dearest. We never know what kind of adventure is in store, but when life comes knocking its ok to step out of balance once in a while and enjoy the ride.

Ginger Tea


Not too many days go by that I don’t start out with a hot cup of ginger tea. Not only does it help keep colds and flu away, it soothes sore muscles and menstrual cramps.
It’s also super simple.
Just grate a thumbnail size piece of peeled ginger root and place in brew basket. Place basket in your favorite mug filled with very hot water. Experiment with add ins: my favorite is lime and cayenne pepper for added sinus support. Today for a different twist I am using lemon and cinnamon. Try it and let me know how you like it!

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